universal pulse driver

Pulse Motors are sometimes referred to as "Brushless DC Pulse Motors". They are identified by their electromagnetic components such as coils and reed switches or hall effect switches. Most use permanent magnets and are brushless.

universal pulse driver

Postby sciencisto » Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:38 am

Universal pulse motor or coil or transformer circuit.

This circuit is what I have come out with when experimenting with driving parallel path magnet motors (see other thread by me on this forum). Since PPMM are very demanding about switching, I needed to use some known protecting techniques. What you see on the circuit picture all comes from my experience. I have burned many transistors, diodes and other parts until finally I had well working and resistant circuit.

I decided to share this circuit with some practical info about it, so that people as much unexperienced I am, who need to build a circuit driving coils (motors, windings, transformers etc.) can save electronic parts and have something working good enough. It can also be used to desulfate and charge batteries.
Yesterday I was using this circuit with 312 W 1200 V 50 A IGBT to drive PPMM build in a bicycle (videos are on my yt channel user 'scienculo')

Of course, this circuit is not perfect, so please, look at it and tell me your advices. Also, there may be drawing errors, please turn my attention to it, so that I can correct it.

light background picture:
http://servilo.website.pl/laboratorio/e ... _light.png

dark background picture:
http://servilo.website.pl/laboratorio/e ... r_dark.png
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Re: universal pulse driver

Postby diazkathrine » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:04 am

I'm facing so much Problem about Metal Pulse Driver and the things you've written in this post I've tried and so happily like to told you it's works so You makes me Happy thank you very much for post...
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