Algae Fuel

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Postby Jehu » Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:37 am

Well since my last post I had a little mishap with the reactors. I accidently knocked one and they went down like dominos. And because of the short connecting hoses they are really awkward to pick up again without bumping them all down again. Anyway the hose to reactor 3 came off so it shortened the chain back down to only reactor 1 and 2 connected to the air/CO2 intake hose. So I scrapped the other reactors and went back to just 2. I took the best performing reactors (read greenest) and used them as reactors 1 and 2. The others I have taken their caps off and just let them sit against the shed in the shade. I also disconnected the CO2 washes and let the CO2 out from them just sit in the box they are in. I then connected the old air pump back up and placed it into the box so now it is sucking in CO2 enriched air. Boy the 2 reactor system now works well. The air flow through the two is now suffecient to agitate the algae nicely and it has seen the benifits. The colour of the water is now a nice deep emerald green.

I'm also going to design a better reactor. Something that can really work better. I've got a 1m length of 50mm clear PVC tubing that I will use for the main chamber. It's not rigid but if I wanted hard acrylic or polycarb it would have been about 5x as much so this will do. I'm also thinking of a inline filter. Then again it might just act as a good growing base and clog up. Oh the many things to think about.
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Re: Algae Fuel

Postby Oliveber » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:16 am

hey dont get discouraged bud, im just lurking. i do enormous amounts of research every day... so i feel bad saying it but "i havent got the time".
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