Analysis Of Magnetic Vortex Generators

These devices are similar to Overbalanced Wheels in that they have no electronic parts, but they do employ permanent magnets. The one important factor here is that these devices can run in the absense of gravity. In other words, they could run in space!

Analysis Of Magnetic Vortex Generators

Postby Freedomfuel » Sun Jul 17, 2005 3:51 pm

In my article on magnetic vortex fields in the general OU discussions section I put forward the hypothesis that magnetic free energy devices work by bouncing a rotating magnetic wave off the ionosphere which returns to the device amplified. The source of this magnetic energy is still uncertain but it cold come from one or more of three sources:

1. The solar wind has embedded into it the suns magnetic field since the stream of plasma crosses the suns spiralling magnetic field whose direction of field lines alternates. This is known as the Parker effect.

2. The solar wind rythmicaly varies it's pressure on the earths magnetosphere to produce global magnetic waves.

3. The 'electrojet' or steam of charged particles which moves at right angles to the earths magnetic field has it's own magnetic field which may be energised in some way.

As far as I am concerned there is no need to look elsewhere for the source of free energy since if you add up all the electric, magnetic and kinetic energy in the ionosphere it would be the equivalent to thousands if not millions of atomic bombs. This is all the free energy we will ever need.

According to the above analysis every credible free energy device must make a rotating magnetic field. In addition an analysis of the Mikell device reveals that the rotor magnets are alternatively pulsed with like and unlike magnetic poles and that the magnetic force on the rotor magnets varies sinusoidaly. Another interesting observation of the Mikell device is that at any position of the rotor the forces of attraction and repulsion on it’s magnets balance out so that there should be no tendency to move in either direction. In practice the slightest physical movement of the rotor will cause the rotor to accelerate. Other similar devices require that the rotor be spun to a certain speed for the device to be self-running. Looking at other devices like the Adams motor for instance it seems that they require the rotor magnets to be pulsed with magnets or electromagnets with the same polarity to make a force of repulsion. In the Hamel device a ring of permanent magnets of the same polarity on the rim of an inverted cone is repelled by a ring of permanent magnets of the same polarity on the inside of a cylinder. The rotating wobble or ‘precession’ of the cone causes magnets of like poles to be forced together sequentially and for the force of repulsion on each magnet to vary sinusoidaly. Judging by the Hamel device it is not necessary for the magnets to rotate physically but rather for the magnetic repulsion on them to be done in a rotating sequence.

Another important factor these devices have in common is a conducting ring to which the magnets are attached. I hypothesis that rotating magnetic currents (cold electricity) in this conducting ring pull the rotor round by energizing each magnet in turn.

Another important factor I forgot to mention is that unlike in a conventional motor/generator where the magnets are attached to an iron frame so that the air gap close the magnetic circuit these devices require magnets to be attached to non magnetic frames. There are two reasons for this. Firstly the magnets receive incoming magnetic energy from the ionosphere so the magnetic circuit must be closed by their field lines joining the poles through empty space. Secondly a magnetic vortex field cannot be created if the field is contained inside a magnetic/ferromagnetic circuit.

If you want to build your own magnetic generator you would do better to design your own from first principles rather than try to replicate devices that probably never worked like the Searl effect generator and the Floyd Sweet device. I hope my notes above could provide some theoretical background for your endeavors. If you do decide to make such a device it would be prudent to build a small one with button magnets first and if that interferes with TVs and radios don’t even think about scaling it up.

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Postby Clyde » Sat Aug 13, 2005 12:40 pm

I think these agree with you and are worth looking into.
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