VCR Motors

Pulse Motors are sometimes referred to as "Brushless DC Pulse Motors". They are identified by their electromagnetic components such as coils and reed switches or hall effect switches. Most use permanent magnets and are brushless.

VCR Motors

Postby AbbaRue » Thu Jan 26, 2006 8:51 am

I noticed VCR's usually have 2 stepper motors.
One for the Capstan, and one for the read head.
I dismanteled one of each and found them to be almost identicle.
They had an 8 coil rotor, and Permanent magnet stator ring.
These motors look a lot like these pulse motors we keep reading about.
So instead of building pulse motors from the ground up, why not use
one of these stepper motors, and modify it to work as a pulse motor.
They are well balanced, and have good bearings.
The difference is the rotor has the coils on it instead of the stator.
Has anyone tried using one of these as a pulse motor?
If so maybe you could give us a schematic of the controler you used.
The ones I riped apart used motor control chips I couldn't find data on.

Till later Harold
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Postby jjbeamish » Thu Jan 26, 2006 6:44 pm

A computer hard drive also has a nice small brushless pulse motor. Only played with it for a few minutes. An old hard drive also has a couple of NIB mags in it as well. :lol:
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