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Postby Hydrogenworld » Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:50 am

Note from Chuck Barker:

Nothing new here. It’s a matter of total energy cost.

It is worth noting that electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen gases is well known and was discovered more than a hundred years ago.

However, the problem has always been the power requirements (electrical requirements) to energize the water molecule to convert into separate hydrogen and oxygen gases. Typically the energy requirement was too great to produce an economical and efficient hydrogen fuel source.

In addition, most conventional electrolyzers produced only small quantities of separate hydrogen and oxygen gas that were very explosive and dangerous if not handled properly. Due to the aforementioned difficulties, there is a lack of commercialization of conventional hydrogen and oxygen electrolyzed fuel sources.

More recently, there has been considerable research in the separation of water into a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases. These studies were initiated by Yull Brown in 1977 via equipment generally referred to as electrolyzers and the resulting gas is known as “Brown gasâ€
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