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Postby mrgalleria » Fri Jun 27, 2008 8:06 pm

On page 3 of the Mr. G cell project page, it does state that the cell has 60 sq. in. 1"x 12"+ 2 1/4"x 3" total, then times 2 sides, then 2 pieces= 75. Subtract the section of exterior surface that is uncovered on each piece- 13 1/2". That leaves 61 1/2". Overlap of the metal continues through to the center.

I have been testing 304 SS pipe. I have found the following; using 1 1/4" with 1/16" wall and 1" with 1/8" wall, in 1/2 tea. lye per gallon water. There seems to be no reason to make the outer pipe longer than 1 3/8" to achieve maximum production using 12 volt d.c. The inner pipe only needs to be 2 1/8" long, to attach a ss clamp to attach power. Making the outer pipe longer than 2 3/4" resulted in reduced production and increased amp use. Be careful with your surface area. To much lowers production and uses excessive amps. Building a cell with short pipe will greatly lower your material costs, ease construction, and reduce cell size. You can then build your cell to hold more of these small assemblies, increasing performance. Not as good as the Mr. G, but easier to make.
I will post photos when I can.
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