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Hey Boys,
I may have come up with something here. This unit has 15mm of epoxy above the plates and has a manual float valve water feed. There does not appear to be any current leakage, if there is any it is minimal.
I had run the unit and let the electrolyte level drop to below the top of the plates, the current was 10 amps I then added water to 1/2” over the top of the epoxy and had no current variation except for a fall of about3/4 amp after a minute, due I believe to a drop in temperature. This recovered in about 3 min to 10 amps as the temp rose.

I intend to use the water fill tank as the bubbler, which means that sodium hydroxide vapour will congerate in the bubbler which in turn will re-circulate to the cell reducing the need to top up electrolyte. The tank will have a blow off section.

Will do some yield test tomorrow after I get the top cover installed.
Will post results tomorrow.


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