Hello Everyone! OK I've been talking about doing this for some time so guess what... it's time! The old forum software is being replaced. It is much too old and unwieldy for us to continue using it!

The new Discussion Board (Forum) is now online and can be accessed by the link below. You should start using it immediately in place of the old one. I will soon remove the old forum's ability to accept posts, so all discussion activities should go through the new board from here forth.

The NEW Discussion Board Link --Just click on it: http://OUPower.com/phpBB2/

NOTE: If you have trouble creating an account and logging into the new board, I have created an area in "Discussion Board (Forum) Issues" to help you out. You will need to post a message in the "Discussion Board Acct Creation Problems" area. That will be your FASTEST way to get a resolution since we're going to have Administrators using the board constantly. If you send me an e-mail, you will probably wait a LONG time for a resolution since I may not be checking my e-mail due to a busy schedule. Just give your LOGIN ID and state the nature of the problem you are having. The forum administrators will be able to fix you up in very short order. NEVER post your password on any of the forums since everyone would see it ...not a good thing! :(

Please read the descriptions of the discussion areas and use them. I am looking for feedback and suggestions on what else you would like to see in the Discussion Boards, so please post your suggestions in the appropriate area (yes that's out there also).

Please USE the new discussion areas. The more we use them, the faster we will be able to tweak them to suit our needs!

If you need to get to the OLD forum for any reason it can be found here: http://OUPower.com/forum/index.php3
Please don't post on the old forum anymore.

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