I'm moving us to a new web host!

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I'm moving us to a new web host!

Postby Chris » Wed Apr 06, 2005 11:23 pm

I've decided to move us to a new webhost. Our current host has been fairly reliable when compared to the BS that we had to put up with before on the other host :evil: ...but this one is starting to cause me grief now. I believe their servers are overloaded which causes us to see delays when we do things. :roll:

I find some of my requests (clicks) take forever to come back and that's rather poor performance by today's standards. :shock:

I'm planning on moving us to the new host tomorrow. So please spread the word that there will likely be an interruption in service starting on the 7th. It usually takes 24hrs minimum for the DNS changes to propogate to everyone.

:) -I'm very excited by what I'm reading about this new host. I hope that we see some nice improvements in speed and reliability. 8)

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