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Hydrogen Fuel, Over Unity, Free Energy and Zero Point Energy Research This page deals with Over Unity Power Research,

This page deals with Over Unity Power Research, Hydrogen Fuel on Demand, Free Energy Devices, Zero Point Energy, Gravity Engines, Permanent Magnet Motors, Pulse Motors and anything else that I feel like posting :) It is mainly intended as a means for me to Quickly, FREELY and Easily release my research results and various projects to the public. The ONLY thing that I ask, is that you please recognize me as the inventor if you use or reproduce any of my designs. Big Oil industry and other mysterious forces have ruled far too long over the realm of technology that should be given freely to society. If we want to make the world a better place, we have to start by giving back to that which gave us life. We have to start caring for the earth, more than we care for our wealth.

I started dabbling in this work back when we lived in Harrisburg, PA. That was 1998. I was drawn to it through reading everything I could on Cold Fusion research. But I was too poor to afford the equipment to participate in those experiments, so I just kept reading. Then one day, I read an article on "Perpetual Motion" and gravity engines. These were simple wooden machines with moving parts. Now there is something I can afford to do! So I built some stuff in my basement and began my little hobby. It has since grown to far more than just Overbalanced Wheel research. Please explore my links below and you will see what I mean. I will do my best to cronicle all of my work for you you to freely follow my progress.

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WARNING! Many, if not all of the projects described within these pages, contain dangerous and potentially fatal consequences if you do not exercise proper precautions and follow standard safety procedures. The owner of this site takes no responsibility for injury sustained by anyone attempting to duplicate or utilize any of the information on this site. The information here is strictly for Educational Purposes! -USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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My Projects
     For Sale
          Large Drive Sockets (3 Items)
     Over Unity Related Projects
          Coils (10 Items)
          DC_Pulse_Motors (6 Items)
          Electrolysis (348 Items)
               Electrolysis Basics (10 Items)
               Electrolyzer v5 (21 Items)
               Electrolyzer v6 (33 Items)
               Hydrogen_Fuel (38 Items)
          OU_Generators (2 Items)
          Overbalanced_Wheels (8 Items)
          Prototype_Water_Engine (18 Items)
          Van_De_Graaff (10 Items)
     Shop Projects
          Brake Drum Forge (39 Items)
          Clausing 6913 Lathe (73 Items)
          Ford 1841-S
          Foundry (146 Items)
          Gingery Lathe (26 Items)
          Rotary Phase Converter (9 Items)
          Styrofoam_Cutting (6 Items)
          Tree Journeyman 200R Milling Machine (53 Items)
          Winding_Jig (1 Item)
          Woodgas (7 Items)
          Workshop (91 Items)
          WVO Sucker (5 Items)
          WVO Turk Burner (29 Items)
          WVO Ursutz Burner (25 Items)
     Some Educational and Fun Stuff
          Blythe_Glass_Studio (53 Items)
          Cornwall_Iron_Furnace_in_PA (36 Items)
          Hopewell_Furnace_in_PA (56 Items)
          The_Double_Barrel_Hydrogen_Squirt_Gun (39 Items)
          Vintage_Moto-Ski_Snowmobiles (17 Items)
     Various Misc Projects
          Lee_Crock (1 Item)

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Other Peoples Projects
          Cell Testing (8 Items)
          Engines for testing (3 Items)

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